Malaga. Capital of Costa del Sol

Malaga. Capital of Costa del Sol
Malaga. Capital of Costa del Sol

Málaga was founded by the Phoenicians, who built a settlement near the hill on which the Alcazaba stands today. During Roman times, Malaga obtained the benefits of being declared a confederated city of Rome. Under the rule of the Moors, the city enjoyed an era of great progress, however, in 1487 it was re-conquered by the Catholic Monarchs, following which it fell into relentless decline.

By the end of the 18th century, beginning of the 19th, a high-class bourgeoisie had been formed, comprised mainly of two families: the Larios and the Heredia, thanks to whom Malaga became the second most important industrial centre in the country.

Converted into a world capital of tourism, thanks to the development of the Costa del Sol, today Malaga continues to grow. Malaga’s beaches are privileged to be located alongside a grand city with all that this signifies in inherent services and attractions. With an extension of 14 kilometres, they have excellent communications, both by public transport and by private means and they are separated from the urban traffic by magnificent esplanades that make them true havens of peace and oases of tranquillity. Furthermore, you will have no difficulty in finding many “Chiringuitos” (beach cafes) and restaurants along the esplanades. These are true sanctuaries of great traditional Malaga cuisine, where “pescaito frito” (fried little fish) and barbecued sardines on a stick reign supreme.

The geographical location of Malaga in the South of Europe, almost on the border with Morocco, provides it with the variety of opportunities that emanate from the international relations related to the economic, social and cultural development in the area. Furthermore, the city enjoys a privileged position in what is the leading tourist area in mainland Spain, making it a lively and warm city where art, culture and tradition merge on the shores of the Mediterranean. Its three thousand years of history have given it its open, voyager, commercial and hospitable character. In short, it is a cosmopolitan city with an eternal universal aspiration.

The city has a range of top line hotel facilities, conference halls equipped with the latest technology, fantastic natural surroundings, theatres, museums and exhibition halls and a comprehensive range of complementary resources that will ensure the success of any event. Moreover, there is the varied gastronomic attractions that provide from the most traditional cuisine to the very latest trends, both in the city’s Historical Quarter, or by the waters of the Mediterranean. Finally, there is always the option of a walk through its original commercial and shopping area.

To sum up, the city offers all you could possibly need to ensure the success of your conference, incentive, convention or any other kind of event, with the best climate in Europe in the capital of the Costa del Sol.