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Real Estate & Investments

Spain is a dynamic country.  In addition, Spain commands a privileged geostrategic position: it belongs to the European Union and is the gateway to North Africa and Latin America.

Furthermore, Spain is a modern knowledge-based economy. The country has become a center of innovation supported by a young, highly-qualified work force and competitive costs.

Spain is well known, among other things, for its excellent quality of life, the open-minded character of its people and the wealth of opportunities on offer, both in the fields of education and culture and in the worlds of sport and leisure. It comes as no surprise that Spain is ranked in an excellent position on the world list of tourist destinations, not only in terms of visitor numbers but also in terms of revenues generated.

Generally speaking, Spain is one of the safest and most politically stable countries in Europe. It is the perfect place to live and work. Spain is also the second most popular tourist destination in the world.

The agreeable climate makes Spain a highly attractive tourist destination, as well as an ideal location for buying a second home, particularly for retired people. Moreover, Spain's favourable climes are highly rated by foreign investors, particularly when it comes to deciding on a location for their factories or other workplaces.

The mission of Plus Spain Real Estate and Investments is to offer professional real estate services and commercial communication, accessory services and generic information for investing.

And it is possible due to our Network of Real Estate and Tourist Agencies representing us all over Spain and due to the agreements and business and commercial relationship that we have with international Real Estate and Tourist companies.


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